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The Department of Applied English was established in 1999. A two-year program for non-traditional students and a four-year evening program were initiated in 2001 and 2002, respectively. In 2007, a master’s program was founded. Currently, we have an approximate total enrollment of 550 day and evening students.


  • Curriculum

The Department’s core mission is to mold students into modern citizens with foreign language proficiency, professional and international perspectives, and critical thinking skills. The educational goals of the Department include:

  • To educate students with professional knowledge in interdisciplinary fields, including TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), interpretation and translation, linguistics, and literature and culture
  • To train students with the essential English skills of listening comprehension, effective speaking, and reading and writing, with the development of critical thinking and communication skills
  • To offer students opportunities to learn in a collaborative way with the ultimate goal of pursuing an innovative life-long education
  • To develop students' language and computer skills

  • Faculty

Currently we have 22 full-time teachers, including 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 14 assistant professors, and 3 lecturers.


The Department currently has five labs which are installed with multimedia and audio-visual.  In the second semester of the academic year 2006, a seminar room and a digital language learning room were also established. Additionally, several LCD projectors, computers with printers, and CD players are available for instruction, research, and administrative purposes. Software, including English teaching videotape/recording tapes and a variety of teaching programs which covers professional English teaching, classical literature, Shakespeare, and international movies, is available. Regular purchase of updated and additional audio-visual aids and books is under way.

Career Development

Future work / study prospects for students may include:

  1. Advanced studies: Students may choose to continue their studies in either domestic or foreign graduate programs to obtain master’s or doctoral degrees. Students are empowered with strong language training, as well as a general knowledge regarding cultural contexts in European and American societies, which will yield greater advantages for advanced study abroad.
  2. Employment: Students may develop their career in the fields such as British or American culture and educational studies, translation, writing, tourism, journalism, secretarial administration, international trade, mass communications, computer and multimedia production, and so on.


Degrees Offered
Bachelor's Degree
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E –mail: english@isu.edu.tw
TEL: 886-7-657711 ext. 5652 or 5653